ADAMM-RSM-TM: For Telemedicine

We add Telemetry to Telemedicine™. Imagine moving beyond a mere video call to
actually monitoring symptoms as you would if the patient were in the office. With
ADAMM-RSM-TM you can recreate the experience of having the patient with you and get their heart and lung data live during the call.

ADAMM-RSM-TM helps you, supporting your provision of high-quality care, while reducing patient burden.

Telemedicine with ADAMM-RSM-TM


Data is collected with specialized sensors packaged within a user-friendly reusable wearable that non-invasively monitors essential cardiopulmonary parameters.
Switch to ongoing monitoring to supplement your telemedicine session.


Live Streaming of multiple touchpoints without delay: respiration, temperature, heartbeat, cough and abnormal lung events. It will feel, and not just look, like you are examining the patient in your office.


Increased touchpoints equip both you and the patient to achieve more effective control of chronic illnesses. For everyday complaints, the touchpoints encourage earlier interaction with you.

Special Features of ADAMM-RSM-TM

Two-Way Access

  1. Physicians get data they’re accustomed to using
  2. Patients use a simple system to capture that data


Respiration, Heartbeat, Adventitious Breath Events, Temperature, Cough and Activity Levels

Dual Mode

  1. Use during telemedicine session
  2. Switch over to patient monitoring for follow-up


Wi-Fi based with data accessible through Web Portal

Interested in a better telemedicine experience?

We will guide you though all the features of ADAMM-RSM-TM and how you can custom tailor your devices to your patients.

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