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Whether you’re a researcher; CRO; pharmaceutical; hospital; provider or homekit supplier, our flexible solutions are tailored to you. It’s not just our devices that are flexible – you’ll find us willing to adapt to your requirements.


ADAMM-RSM: Clinical Trials

Real World Evidence. Novel biomarkers. Ambulatory Cough. Abnormal Breath Sounds. Signals and Patterns of Interest. Population Health Markers. Diagnosis by Proxy. Secure, Unique Cloud For Every Customer. Reports as and when you need. APIs. Everything you need for any respiratory study.

Clinical Trials

ADAMM-RSM-TM: Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring

Telemetry for Telemedicine™. Recreate the experience of the patient being in the office. Get the data you would normally get by listening to the heart and lungs during the call. Follow up with remote monitoring.


ADAMM-RSM-SM: Health & Wellness

Not just generic data. Highly specific cough, abnormal breath sounds, temperature, respiration rate and heart rate, all in the context of true activity, not just limb activity. A value-add for any home monitoring kit.

Health & Wellness

Program for Payers

1 in 7 Americans suffer from Asthma or COPD.
Many more people may have COPD but remain undiagnosed.
Respiratory conditions are complex to treat because of intertwined psychosocial and environmental issues. Outcomes depend on more than pharmacological treatments.

Payers program

A Seamless System

Wearable Device

Sensors in the wearable detect your symptoms – tracking cough rate, respiration patterns, heartbeat, temperature and other symptoms of interest.

Smartphone App

Monitor your symptoms, track your medications, journal your notes, set notifications and reminders, and share data with caregivers and healthcare providers.

Web Portal

Access your secure personal web portal to view and manage your data. Complete with HIPAA Compliant Data Storage to ensure your privacy and security.

A system design for better respiratory monitoring.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to those who suffer from respiratory diseases and their caregivers.

Meet the Professional ADAMM Family

A small flexible device that adheres to your torso with medical grade adhesives. Wirelessly monitors symptoms of interest to you, and transfers data via Bluetooth to the users' device, or Wi-Fi to your designated cloud.

Meet the Professional ADAMM Family
Accurate Respiratory Monitoring

Complete respiratory monitoring for Clinical Trials.

Events Not Previously Monitored Can Now Be

The only ambulatory cough monitor in the world in this form factor. But we don't stop at cough. Talk to us about signals of interest to you.

Real Time, Continuous

Understand the impact and responses real-time, continuously – for the first time, unparalleled access to objective data on patient responses.

Unique Algorithm Technology

Looking for something in particular? We can customize to suit your needs.

A Powerful App to Manage & Monitor

Journaling Made Easy

No need to wade through reams of paper to decipher patient records.

General Trial Reminders

Set medication and reporting schedules for trial participants.


Smartphone Options

Let trial participants push data to their phone, or to the cloud – yours or ours.


Connectivity Options

BTLE to smartphone only, or encrypted transmission via secure Wi-Fi directly from our wearable.


Manage, Monitor, and Share with the Secure Web Portal

Manage, Monitor, and Share with the Secure Web Portal
HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

Security, privacy of trial data ensured.

Uniquely Searchable Database Structure

Our databases are unique to you. Use it, and its unparalleled query structure to interrogate your data.

APIs For Seamless Integration

We are always happy to generate relevant APIs to allow our systems to integrate smoothly.

Your Cloud Or Ours?

It doesn’t matter. We’ll get the data to you however you wish to receive it.

Easily Re-Assign Devices for Patient Turnover

Use the portal to re-assign devices, when you stop one patient record and start another.

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